πŸ“Œ Mannabears
Good morning all. My 8 year old daughter has been struggling with her lungs since 3 weeks old - she had bronchitis 3 times before she was 1 years old. She was also diagnosed with an allergy for diary, gluten sensitive and seasonal asthma. In the winter months she would miss school for 6 - 12 weeks due to her lungs.

Leonie mentioned about the Mannabears and we started with it immediately. In the first week I noticed no more coughing, runny nose or tight chest. She slept better and her concentration for better as well.

I stopped giving her the Mannabears for 3 days and the coughing & runny nose is back with a bang. Needless to say she is back on Mannabears and will be adding the Nutriverus as well.



Hi everyone, my 9-year-old son Jacques has great difficulty with concentration, recall of information, even distinguishing between yesterday, today and tomorrow, little patience to solve problems. Everything works for him in numbers and life is either black or white, there are no gray areas. His average at school +/- 63%. In Oct 2017 we cross paths with Dalene. She tells me about Mannatech and I think....yeah....just another pill and powder that won't work. At that stage we had already gone down the route of chemical medication etc. with very negative results. I buy Omega 3 & Nutiverus, Dalene's recommendation, and it has been on the cupboard for almost a month. Mid Dec I decide let's see what Mannatech can do. School starts again Jan 2018, time walks and weekly tests begin. He now has an average of 96% for Afr, Eng, Wisk. He now says that I should give him time to solve a problem myself. He is also on PLUS. His eating habits have improved so much that he himself says no to sweets, ice cream and "junk" food. He is also now starting to talk about "Mom do you remember yesterday, long ago we watched a movie" ....etc. The future looks brighter for himπŸ˜„πŸ˜„ Greetings, Susan

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