Hi, just want to share with you of one of our clients
16 Feb 2023 Let me share my old people problems. Maybe you can recommend something.

I have been diagnosed with Ulcerative Colitis, looks like I have Crohn's as well as ulcers break out in my throat andl mouth from time to time.

Iron count stands at 5 it should be something like 54. But don't have anemia yet.

Brunners gland hyperplasia and inactive colitis on my stomach itself.
Oh, servere ulcerative colitis... apparently it's important to mention.

She uses, pot Ambrotose, Gi Pro and omega3
She sends the following after only 1 month of use.

April 14, 2023
It helps a lot. I can function normally. Can leave my house again. You don't understand how grateful I am that you contacted me.

The combination with my meds is working. I was on cortisone for 8 vd 10 months which didn't help. Other people drink 20mg x 3 times a day. I drink 1200mg x 2 times a day and it didn't want to get better.

I now have hope for remission for the first time.


 💥 COLITIS TESTIMONIAL .. my cousin, in late 50's, has been suffering wth bowel & colin irritability & inflammation since in her teens. Everyone assumed this was due to anxiety until it worsened over the years heading towards Chron's disease. Aug 2020 she started on Ambrotose complex caps & Gi-Pro balance. Within 2 weeks she experienced much relief. Now 4 months later she is symptom free, can eat anything & will never be without her product. It took 4 years to push thru the family barriers to get access to her to share something which could change her life. And 5 min of sharing this valuable technology for to make a decision .. she now experiences quality life & is extremely greatful. This is now opening the doors to the rest of the family (AD)Ambrotose complex

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