TESTIMONY: Menopause

If I can help other women in the same position, I would like to testify the following:

I went into menopause more or less at age 55. For me it was a terrible shock, because over the years I have experienced relatively few problems in this area of my health.

Suddenly I experienced tremendous flushes, became red in the face, sweat on my body that trickle down my back, in the night I would suddenly wake up because of the heat (incidentally, I've always had cold feet and hands). Furthermore, I experienced forgetfulness and somewhat emotionally. In short, I became a different person! I felt like I had no control over myself!

I started using an estrogen gel that was prescribed by a doctor, the result was nearly disastrous. Fortunately the gynecologist discovered this in time and help to correct the problem, by grace. Then I approached pharmacies in Cape Town selling natural products, but they lady pharmacist told me that there is not really a complementary product that helps at all! So I had to continue like this with my fate, a body that periodically overheats!

To make a long story and struggle short: I discovered Mannatech's Plus. A product that supports the functions of hormonal glands, the endocrine system, and believe me, since then, my problem virtually disappeared! I do at times experience fleeting hot flushes, but not even worthy to mention. I am grateful to say that Plus has made such a big impact that my problem is practically normal. I have regained control over my life, and I am so grateful!!
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