Hello everyone

I HAVE to share this.

I have been using Mannatech for a month now.
🟢Total Advance Ambrotose Value Bundle - GI Pro

I have been Chronically on the following for a challenge where my joints and muscles an body was full of inflamation for the past 2 years. (Of which I have been struggling with this for 3 years. For the first year I started getting sick, I was too afraid to go to a doctor. I really thought I had the big K. Because I couldn't imagine that a you can be in so much pain 24/7 without dying from a terrible disease).

60mg Cyngem
25mg Lyrica
100mg Molipaxin
Synaleve alternated with Tramadol.
120mg Arcoxia

The side effects these pills had were horrible. And still I was not pain free. Insomnia is one of the worst symptoms besides the pain that just never stops. Besides this list of pills, I have tried so many other medications that are natural, without success. Hoping I can get off the prescription medication.


After my 2nd week of taking Mannatech I felt so good!!!! So good; that I decided I was leaving all those other medications. Even though my Internist and Pain Specialist said to never just stop the medication overnight. Regarding the effects of withdrawal. ON THE CONTRARY, I'm going to have to take it for life because apparently there is no cure for Fibromyalgia.

You guys, I don't look back a day. I have no withdrawal or any bad experience till date.
I'm getting sleepiness again for the first time in many years. Where sleep has eluded me for how many years. Even with medication to be able to sleep, this challenge ensured that I could never go into REM sleep. For the first time on my Garmin sleep tracker it shows that I'm also REM asleep now. Hallelujah!!!! Do you know how bad it is when everyone around you is sleeping and you are lying awake? I've joked and said other people say: "Night I'm going to sleep now". I said: "Night I'm going to pain now".

I will never ever be without Mannatech again. I'd rather go without food than without Mannatech😜. I promised myself that.
I am so grateful I started using it. Thank you for introducing it to me.

I ordered Manapol this month and am very excited to start using it.

Mannatech is a Miracle and Grace for me 🙌🏻🙌🏻🙌🏻


My name is M. and 9 months ago I was introduced to the Glycan technology.

I've been suffering from type 2 sugar challenge since age 55. I am 73 now.
I was also diagnosed with irregular heartbeat, high blood pressure, restless legs, insomnia, asthmatic cough, arthritis, burning feet, spasmodic colon, eczema, severe muscle pains and circulation problems caused by a nerve system being affected by the insulin.
I experience severe pain during the night due to pins and needles and burning sensation in my legs. This caused me interrupted sleep, tiredness and constipation due to the medication and pain killers I had to take to bring some relief. I use insulin every evening and use prescribed medicine like Cardigan, Metformin, Novatin, Wafrin, S3 Sptactin, Oxpola etc.

I started on Glycans which assisted me to decrease my insulin with 9 units. At the end of March 2020 we decided to add Pls and GI-PB. to my Glycans.

After 2 weeks I started sleeping through (6 – 8 hours) every night with no pain at all. My discomfort with regards to my colon has disappeared and I feel amazing.
This technology is truly the missing link in nutrition as it gives my body the nutrients it needs to help itself. I visited the doctor for a checkup today and he is really impressed about my progress. I thank the Lord for this product. Thank you R. for introducing me and for these technology products that really make a difference. Undeniably the best.“ 📣 These products do not heal, treat, mitigate or prevent any disease. They just provide the basic building blocks for the body, then the body is structured properly and it’s able to do the function it was created to do. 🤗

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